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OkéCajon / Cymballand Practice Pads

New innovative model practice pads from OkeCajon & Cymballand! This short clip demonstrates 3 different models of pads, each with unique qualities! There is the PR-12 Standard Pad, prime quality rubber material which has a very dry sound and articulate stick response across it's 12" diameter. The body is composed of a solid wooden frame and the bottom fitted with a "Non-Slip" grip to prevent unwanted bouncing of the pad. The next model is the PRTS-12 pad, which has 2 different sounding playing surfaces on the top. The same highest quality rubber for precise articulation, with an additional "soft-pad" surface on the top section. This provides for a different, softer sound texture and stick response. This pad is excellent for drum set players looking for a single pad with different sound possibilities. The 3rd model is the fantastic POSS-10 "Snare-Sound" pad. This pad is thinner in frame, and contains a resonance chamber inside the pad that creates a snare drum sound texture. This pad is ideal for those looking for an authentic snare drum sound and feel from a pad without aggressive volume! All pads are handmade and are an inspiration to practice with!

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