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Def Method (Riqq Method), Volume I

A method eBook with over 400 written and video / audio integrated exercises for the Oriental tambourine Riqq (Def) applied to the Turkish Usûl rhythmic system.  Includes preliminary and progressive technique development exercises and demonstrations of the Kücük Usûller, rhythms 2 - 15. 

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        "This is unquestionably the best book or educational resource on the subject that I have seen.  A thorough step by step guide with an infinity of variations and technical detail.  The imbedded videos make each step along the way crystal clear for the student.  Also, a great ‘go to’ publication for traditional Turkish rhythms.  If you are thinking of learning this instrument then you simply have to get this e-book. "   Pete Lockett.  London 2021. 

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Eckermann Creature Drum, Method I

This is a method book with over 500 written and integrated video demonstrations for this unique and versatile frame drum!  With playing techniques from Persia, Egypt, South India, Italy, and the USA, not only limited to this instrument!

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        "Beautiful... Just beautiful! The music information, the playing demonstrations to support your development, the excellent videos and general overall process for learning are really exquisite. 

Even if you were not into learning the traditional Turkish rhythm, the way the materials are presented are truly something to behold for developing expertise in any style

Did I say "Beautiful..."  Skip Hadden Prof. Berklee College of Music

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Étude no. 1 for Mızhar

A training and performance étude for frame drum.  This a video integrated eBook with over 45 videos demonstrating each line of the composition, and a full performance video from two camera angles.  This étude is suitable for both beginners and advanced players, focusing on developing strength, dexterity, and finger articulation on the Mızhar.  The composition consists of rudimentary Drum Corps techniques and South Indian phrasing applied to the instrument. 


"Through this composition and instructional book, Jarrod once again demonstrates why he is among the most talented percussionists working today.  An expertly conceived and designed manual for a beautiful composition that should serve as a source of inspiration and education for enthusiasts and musicians of all levels.  A master at weaving a diverse range of musical influences into his playing and compositions - from metal and jazz, to Carnatic and Turkish techniques, to rhythmic approaches from West Africa and the African Diaspora"  Gavin Webb, PhD.  Ethnomusicologist, Lecture of Music & Director of International Programs, Marist College, New York.

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