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Jarrod Cagwin Soundscape Cymbal Series

Eckermann Drums Mizhar Series

35cm Mizhar

My signature series cymbal line hand crafted in Istanbul by Turkish Cymbals.  These cymbals are ideal for hand percussionists, jazz drummers, and contemporary musicians looking for creating sound atmosheres with cymbals.  In this video all sounds are produced only with the cymbals and Eckermann Drums Percussion Brooms.  More information available under Products.

       The Mizhar is a type of frame drum found in classical and folk music from the Near and Middle East, as well as North Africa.  The playing position varies between balancing the drum between two hands, in the seated position resting on the thigh, or the drum can be cradled in between the legs to allow for complete hand and arm movement.  The hand techniques I use are a hybrid of classical Arabic, Persian, North African, and South Indian

45cm Mizhar

55cm Mizhar

60cm Mizhar

Eckermann Creature Drum

      An innovative hybrid of five drums (mizhar, duff, tambourello, riqq, and Moroccan bendir). Designed in 2003, the Creature is a drum that can be used in a variety of musical genres.  It is a very versatile drum, with mechanical features designed to change the timber and texture of the sound for different situations. 
      By using the mechanic to adjust the tension of the duff rings, one can change the tone from an open mizhar sound, to a closed and tight sound, similar to a snare drum. The dimension of 35cm and 30cm allows for different playing positions, whether standing and balancing the drum with two hands, or seated and playing with the drum resting on the knee or between the legs. 
      This drum is well suited for playing in contemporary jazz or world music situations, as it can emulate the drum set and other percussion instrument styles.


Eckermann Davul & Tabl

      The Davul is a typical “party” drum, found across Eastern Europe and through Turkey to the Black Sea.  It is traditionally found the most in wedding celebrations, where it is accompanied by the double reed wind instrument Zurna, and produces an excellent, full bodied, driving bass sound.   This combination of bass drum and wind instrument (Turkey:  Davul & Zurna, Macedonia: Tapan & Zurna) plays an important role in all folk gatherings from Turkey and Southeastern Europe (Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, and Greece).  In modern music from Turkey, the Davul can be played with virtuosic technique in popular and folk music, and is often the only drum to accompany an ensemble. Historically, it was predominant in classical Ottoman music from 17th – 19th centuries, and was featured for special imperialist ceremonies along with the Nakara, creating enormous sound pressure for processions. 
      The traditional playing technique is with two hands on both sides of the drum, with a very thin stick playing on the thin skin side, and a thick stick to play the side with the thicker skin.  This creates a sound similar to a snare drum and a bass drum with one instrument. The drum is slung across the body with a harness, giving the player the freedom to move with the drum.  In generally every land where the Ottoman rule existed (typically in Greece and Macedonia) the combination of Davul and Zurna are always performed together.  Often there can be two Zurnas for one Davul, where one Zurna plays the melody line and the second plays the fundamental ground tone, thus creating a constant drone, similar to the concept of the Tambura in Indian music.  In this case, both Zurnas play in heterophonic intervals, or in octaves or thirds.  For this music, the Davul is featured, not only by providing the fundamental rhythmic pulse, both also by providing aggressive rhythmic phrasings, giving tremendous energy for dance and singing.

The Arrangemento, for Nabil

Ensemble Applications

In this example:






35cm, 40cm, 45cm Tar

55cm Mizhar







Mama's on the Phone

In this example:


55cm Mizhar (2)








In this example:


55cm Mizhar


35cm Creature

Eckermann Custom Drumset

Eckermann Natural Fiber Broomsticks

Ghanaian Bells






All drums crafted by Eckermann Drums

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