Singularity, 2015

These unique cymbals are designed for drumset players and hand percussionists.  All models can be played with sticks, mallets, brushes, or simply only with bare hands, allowing for a wide spectrum of sonic textures.  All the cymbals are dynamically extremely responsive, ideal for percussionists performing in acoustic environments, as well as close mic studio situations.  My concept in designing these cymbals was to create a natural environment of sounds that can be controlled and shaped creatively in many different ways.  My experience performing as a hybrid drummer/hand percussionist in the contemporary music genre, as well the world music, jazz, and film scoring fields, has inspired me for these sound creations.  All of the models in the series are named in relation to something in the natural world around us: elements such as wind or water, the rattle of a reptile, the climate and geology of a region, or astronomical occurrences.

This series is designed to enhance the artistry and creative expression the musician can achieve with unique, intimate, and dramatic cymbal soundscapes.




Jarrod Cagwin

The name Atacama comes from a large desert plateau in South America west of the Andes Mountains.  It is referred to as the driest desert on the planet, and this arid quality is reflected in this cymbal pair.  The 14” Arid Crash is thin and completely hammered to the edge, except for the bell which is not hammered.  The result is an extremely dry and dark crash with very little overtone resonance and a rapid decay.   This characteristic allows for clear articulation with sticks without overbearing sustain or excessive volume.  The 20” Precision Flat Ride is complimentary to the crash in that it is also extremely dry with no dominating overtones.  All articulations can be precisely heard without imprudent sustain, a very advantageous  feature when performing at low volume in an acoustical environment. 


14" Arid Crash


Jarrod Cagwin

20" Precision Flat Ride


Jarrod Cagwin

21" Snake Ride

The unique feature of these cymbals is a specially fitted rivet arrangement designed to create a controlled “rattle” sound  on the instrument.   These cymbals are as well extremely dry in character, similar to Atacama line, also with unhammered bells producing minimal overtones.  The lightweight  hi-hat collection of 12”, 13”, and 14” are balanced in a way that they can also function as splash/crash cymbals.  The rivets are placed with four on the top cymbal, grouped in two and placed opposite of each other, and on the bottom cymbal two rivets are inserted on the inside of the cymbal producing vibration.  The 21” Ride has eight varied rivets placed equally around the edge of the cymbal.  The rivets are designed for controlled vibration.  They have limited sustain allowing for more control particularly at low dynamic levels.  The combination of the open hi-hats together with the ride cymbal creates a surround sound sizzle/rattle effect  which can be  easily obtained with only the slightest touch.


Jarrod Cagwin
Jarrod Cagwin
Jarrod Cagwin
Jarrod Cagwin

12" Snake Hi-Hats


13" Snake Hi-Hats


Jarrod Cagwin
Jarrod Cagwin

14" Snake Hi-Hats



These cymbals are extremely thin, unhammered, and intentionally warped in their shape.  The reason for the water connotation is when they are struck the entire cymbal vibrates in such a way it resembles vibrations though water.  The incredible feature is that the sound produced mimics the sound of a concert gong/tam-tam with only the fraction of the size and weight, which allows for easy mounting on cymbal stands.  Because of their extreme thinness they are particularly responsive to hand/finger strokes and mallets.  These cymbals are excellent for creating dramatic effects with a lightweight, easily transportable, and mountable instrument.


Jarrod Cagwin

18", 20", & 22" Water Crashes



Jarrod Cagwin
Jarrod Cagwin
Jarrod Cagwin

The Satellites are essentially flat hammered discs.  They can be thought of as mini-flat rides, flat bells, or flat splashes.  Being they are fully hammered, their quality is dark; however, because of their diameter of 9” 10”, and 11”  more overtones can be exposed.  Depending on technique, these small cymbals have multiple sonic possibilities.  If played with fingers a very identifiable tone is produced, similar to a quiet bell.   This effect can be produced as well playing softly with mallets. Contrastingly, if the cymbal is struck hard there is minimal sustain  which creates a choked splash effect.  Played lightly with sticks the sound quality is acutely articulate, very compatible in combination with 20” Atacama Precision Flat Ride.

9" Satellite

10" Satellite

11" Satellite


FX Cymbals

Gamma Splash

Löß Splash

Jarrod Cagwin

This  6" mini-splash is unhammered and very brilliant.  The name Gamma is derived from Gamma Ray Burst, a very direct and powerful ray of electromagnetic energy from a supernova of a collapsing star.    The sound is very sharp and intense; however, it does not have a prolonged sustain.  It is a contrasting sparkle to the other dry and dark cymbals from the series.

6" Gamma

Jarrod Cagwin

The term Löß refers to the most fragile rock found on the planet which is extremely thin and delicate.  This quality shines in this 7" petite cymbal.  The characteristic of this splash could be described as  something similar to a mini-china.  It is very sensitive to the touch and has a very quick decay.  I mount this cymbal on top of the 20” Atacama Flat Ride, for a easily accessible contrast of color to the darkness of the ride.

7" Löß

Karaburan China

Jarrod Cagwin

Karaburan is a very powerful wind that blows from the Gobi Desert across central Asia in the spring and summer months, carrying with it large amounts of black dust which darkens the sky.  Respectfully, the design of this 22" china-type cymbal produces exquisite deep and dark overtones at low dynamics and a wide wash at high dynamics. This cymbal is very complimentary in combination with the Water Cymbals line.

22" Karaburan China


Mini Hi-Hats


7" Tüy

Mini (2) Hihat-bottom.jpg.png
Mini (2) Hihat-top.jpg.png
Mini Hihat-top.jpg.png
Mini Hihat-bottom.jpg.png

8" Toprak

These unique “pocket-sized” hi-hats are designed for very quick foot action response with crisp and clear articulation, particularly in low dynamical situations.  They are inspired by the instrument Krakeb, metal castanets found typically in percussion from Morocco.  The top cymbal contains air holes that facilitate smooth air flow and less weight, allowing for fast and delicate expression.  These hi-hats are sonically very compatible with hand percussion instruments, providing for a very light feel without overbearing volume or prolonged sustain. They are ideal for combining with such percussion as the Cajon and a wide variety of Frame Drums and other percussion from various cultures.  

There are two models consisting of the ultra light and thin Tüy set and the hammered and darker Toprak set.  The Toprak are slightly thicker than the Tüy and more suitable for performance with drumsticks, producing raw textures complimenting such genres as Jungle, Drum & Bass, and Funk.    


7" Tüy & 8" Toprak Models

All models are available from Turkish Cymbals:       Jarrod Cagwin Soundscape Series

Jarrod Cagwin
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