I am available for private online lessons via video conferencing.  I am equipped with professional video and sound for high quality transmissions.  My preferred platform is by Zoom meeting for best quality and recording possibility for you. 

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Online lessons that I offer:
General Frame Drum (Beginner to Advanced)

These lessons can be applied to a multitude of different kinds of frame drums (Turkish Bendir, Syrian Mızhar, Western Bodhran, etc..).  I focus on proper hand position and body posture to promote the best musical expression from the student.  Intricate hand techniques are explored (Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Italian, South Indian, etc...) 

2 Hand "Suspended / Cradled" Technique

These lessons focus on playing the drum cradled between the two hands and floating.  This is the most traditional position for frame drums from various cultures.  Various drums, techniques, and rhythmical styles include Persian Daf, Turkish Bendir / Daire, Azerbaijani Gaval / Dayrehe, North African Tar & Moroccan Bendir, + JCagwin hybrid techniques. 

Riqq logo.png

This is one of the most classical and highly artistic small tambourines from the oriental music world.  It can be found in classical Oriental repetoir (Egypt, Syria, Isreal, Turkey, etc...) continuing through modern jazz / world music applications.

Arabic Riqq / Turkish Def (Tef)
Kanjira & Ghatam

A small classical tambourine found in South Indian Carnatic Music.  This instrument is played primarily with one hand in a split-fingered (3-1 grouping) hand technique, and the other hand which applies pressure to the skin to create pitch bend.  The technique for the Kanjira is extremely intricate and is beneficial to learn for applications on other instruments.

JCagwin Rabih Kit.jpg
Hybrid Frame Drum + Drumming

Lessons involving hybrid drums such as the Eckermann Creature & Panjira, drums utilizing various techniques and sound qualities.  These lessons also focus on using frame drums as part of a hybrid drum set, combining instruments with the feet (such as cajon or bass drum with hi-hat), with addition of cymbals and other hand percussion.