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RudiCubes Extendend Demo, Part 1

Hello Drummers & Percussionists! I am happy to be a part of a new product line called RudiCubes, a new approach for practicing the standard international drum rudiments. The cubes are essentially a set of 7 wooden rolling dice, with a different rudiment for each side. I myself was trained in techniques of rudimental drumming since childhood, and remember that in the early days of continual practice and development it could be challenging to be motivated to learn all the rudiments with inspiration to use them in creative ways. With the RudiCubes, by tossing the dice, chance can give a way to focus on any one or multiple rudiments at a time. It is up to the practitioner to decide how many dice to use; as an example, we will say 2 dice are rolled. Perhaps a Single Paradiddle and a Five-Stroke Roll appear on the dice. For the set amount of time desired, one can train intensely just on those two rudiments. There are multiple variations on the practice method, which also trains creativity in their application. In addition, the cubes are filled with tiny pellets, which produce a very light shaker sound from a single cube, or which can be intensified by holding more of the cubes. They are great, lightweight pocket companions which can be used in a variety of ways. The short demo attached gives some very quick and brief examples! Available from

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