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Sunday Morning in Sitges, 25.10.2020 Persian DAF / Erbane

Hi everyone! In today's episode of Sunday Morning in Sitges, I am briefly demonstrating some of the different Persian style Daf Frame Drums I have. These are traditionally Sufi ceremony drums, found generally in the regions of Iran west to Turkey, where the instrument is also known as Erbane. Historically these type of frame drums can be found also found farther east to Pakistan, Kurdistan, & Afghanistan. With the exception of one, all of my Daf/Erbane instruments are made by Eckermann Drums in Vienna, and feature different types of tunable natural skins, sizes, and differences in frame construction. As well to playing in the traditional suspended two handed position, I also use these instruments in a seated position with the drums resting on my left leg. They are very physically challenging drums to play, and also good for upper body fitness!!! More info at:

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