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Muttekopf, Composition for Percussion

Muttekopf  is written for four Uchiwa-Daiko (Japanese “Fan Drums”) performed by three players.  It is a composition designed to explore the dialogs between the musicians using only simple tones from the instruments. The piece was written in a location called “Muttekopf”, an Alpine cabin on a mountain peak in the region of Imst in Tirol, Austria.  There are various sections of the composition that are inspired by the nature and geography of the area, such as the intimidation of the steep climb up the mountain, the rapid flowing streams and waterfalls, rocks falling into the canyon, the uneasy sense of balance along the peak, and the rapid descent returning down to the base.  


Duration is variable:  10 minutes

Level:  Advanced

Muttekopf, Composition for Percussion

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